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This teatox is a powerful diuretic and detoxifying agent.

The ingredients we have selected have been used in the east for centuries to cleanse the body and detoxify the blood. 

This teatox was designed to help your body go through a natural elimination process and get rid of harmful toxins.

It is caffeine free and we have carefully avoided using any of the  harmful laxative ingredients that can overtime damage your gut's ecosystem.


This teatox was designed to help with:

Help with digestion.


Liver and kidney function

Stabilize blood sugar

Boost liver function

Fat burning





Schizandra berries

Milk Thistle leaves



"On top of all of this, we are surrounded by pollution, chemicals in our food, as well as the chemicals in the air that are all getting stored in our system, our body's defences are overloaded with so many toxins and pollution, it's no wonder we feel so bad and unhealthy all the time.

It is critical that we flush all these nasty toxins away!


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