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If you suffer with cravings this is the one for you.

Crave Buster was created to work as an appetite suppressant. Its chocolatey flavour will satisfy a sweet tooth without the calorie count and because it is full of heart healthy flavonoids and anti oxidants it is good for you!


This teatox was designed to help with:



Boost metabolism

Increase fat burning

Improve circulation and regulate blood sugar

Increase energy


Circulation and digestion

Reduction of weight 



Sri Lankan black tea

Cocoa shells

Hawthorn leaves


Orange peel

Sunflower and Calendula petals


Natural Chocolate Flavour


Serving suggestions :

100 degrees, 3mins, with or without milk.

For when you are feeling a bit peckish. 

Two teabags per day.


See what Hanhabelle in London has to say:

"...the best part is I really have stopped craving 'bad' snacks during the day, especially in the afternoons, when I would always grab a sugary treat. I just wasn't as hungry."

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